What We Do

We help our clients focus on their projects and priorities by providing specialized design resources, when they need them. To do that, we:

Design Products, Prototypes, Equipment & Manufacturing Processes

Manage the Design Process from Concept to Procurement to Validation

Build Turnkey Automation and Testing Systems

Design Process

Our design process relies on creativity and objectivity. This approach requires a rigorous conceptual design process that embraces these two tenants.


  • A multidisciplinary approach allows us to leverage our customer’s knowledge base with our own. Our customers are experts in their field and integrating with their team is the only way to realize the best solutions.
  • Group structured brainstorming generates tons of great ideas and the structure imposed minimizes wasted time and resources.
Design Process


  • Return on Investment and Payback Period calculations are essential to any investment. We work with our client’s organization to examine capital equipment, non-recurring engineering, production, labor and scrap costs.
  • Beyond tangible costs, our process objectively examines critical issues like risk mitigation and product quality. The best solutions balance the known with the unknown.
ROI and Payback

Software Tools

We utilize a variety of tools to provide the best service possible. Our software “keystones” are our CAD package, AutoDesk Inventor, and our application development package, National Instruments LabView.

  • Autodesk
  • LabView