Do you provide engineering services? Are you engineers?

Yes.  Alec Mackenzie, president of Mackenzie Design, is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Maine.  Many of Mackenzie Design’s  employees have graduated from engineering colleges as well.

What does Mackenzie Design do?

We help our clients focus on their projects by providing engineering resources, when they need them. Check out our Design page for more information.

How do you do that?

We follow a design process that relies heavily on creativity and objectivity. This process allows us to integrate with our customers’ team and leverage their knowledge base with our own.

Design Process

How does that help my company’s bottom line?

Our design process “front loads” the engineering effort. It brings together all the knowledge and experience of many disciplines early on and reduces the testing, rework and mistakes down the road. Since changes at the later stages of the design process are the most expensive and time consuming to make, the savings is significant.

Development Cost

Where are you located?

Our offices are located at 10 Moulton Street, Suite 1024, Portland, ME 04101. Please contact us before dropping in, as we are often on site at our customers’ facilities.

How do we get started on my project?

The first step is to contact us and describe the project you have in mind.  The best ways to do so are via email (, phone ((207)-619-1622) or the form located on the contact us page. If we’re suited to fit your needs we’ll begin the quoting process.