Mackenzie Design Expands Engineering Support to Allen Bradley PLCs

Portland, ME – January 4th, 2017 – A.H. Mackenzie Design, LLC has expanded its engineering and automation service offering to support Allen Bradley programable logic controllers (PLC).  This includes the design, engineering, and programming of both new and existing systems with Allen Bradley hardware and software.

As the most popular automation platform in North America, Allen Bradley is utilized throughout New England.  By supporting Allen Bradley PLCs, Mackenzie Design can better serve manufacturing and industrial customers.  Complimenting the National Instruments / LabVIEW platform Mackenzie Design already utilizes, the breadth of Allen Bradley’s PLC lineup affords the optimal system for any job.

“Mackenzie Design chooses the automation platforms we support carefully,” said Alec Mackenzie, PE, President and chief engineer of Mackenzie Design.  “We must meet the broad needs of our customers but it’s important we don’t spread ourselves too thin.  We must be experts with all the platforms we support.”

Choosing which automation platform to use can be difficult.  Mackenzie Design provides a free white paper to help their customers in choosing which Automation Platform may be right for them.  Some of the most notable benefits of the Allen Bradley PLC platform include:

  • Intuitive Ladder Logic Programming
  • Easy maintenance from a large support network of industry professionals.
  • A broad hardware lineup, ensuring the right hardware at the right price for your application.

A.H. Mackenzie Design, LLC is a mechanical engineering and automation services company located in Portland, ME.  Since 2007, Mackenzie Design has specialized in machine design, automation, control, and instrumentation.  Mackenzie Design serves manufacturers, product development & test labs, and automation & system integrators throughout Maine and New England.  Mackenzie Design’s customers have the engineering resources they need, when they need them.  For more information, please download our Services Offered & Customers Served Brochure, or contact

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